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SeaBoater* is a brand of GMUnion management which started in 2008. Our central headquarters is located in Wilmington, in the United States. GMUnion** (Global Money Union Inc.) invested initially in the SeaBoater Yachts*** brand. We are currently specializing in custom yacht building and building our own small series of eco-yachts produced with high-performance composite materials.

We are proud of our pioneer use and promotion of kite technology for utilizing the energy of the wind for towing and for electrical generation of propulsion for regular yachts.

The success of SeaBoater is mainly due to the combination of traditional building methods, and a direct connection with modern, ecological and cost-effective pricing of the final product.

Our shipyard location
All SeaBoater yachts projects are built in collaboration with a Croatian-associated shipyard specialized in building SeaBoater vessels.

SeaBoater ShipyardsKastela, Croatia: The shipyard is located at an ideal location near the sea, and only a 20-minute drive from the Split airport. In Kastela, we specialize in building SeaBoater vessels. Because this shipyard is located in Croatia, we are able to offer a lower cost for labor, but retain high-quality work standards comparable to the Italian shipyards. Italian shipyards are located 200 kilometers from Kastela, but the same amount of work costs 50-60% more in Italy. In Kastela, we proudly built the first Croatian police power-boat model!

* SeaBoater is a brand (trademark name) of Global Money Union Inc.
** GMUnion is a shortened form of Global Money Union Inc. used for brevity in communications.
*** SeaBoater Yachts is not a different independent company. SeaBoater Yachts is ‟dba,” which stands for ‟doing business as” a registration of Global Money Union Inc.; Global Money Union Inc. has three main departments: finance, shipbuilding and IT departments.