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SeaBoater Yachts
717 N. Union Street #72
Wilmington, DE 19805 - USA
Tel: +1-206-338-4216
Fax: +1-302-353-4149

If you have any questions or need additional information about SeaBoater Yachts please contact us.

We invite every one of our clients to visit our shipyard before and during the yacht building process. We would appreciate it if you made an appointment in advance, because you will first need to confirm with the SeaBoater specialists the type of yacht. We will then assign one of our shipyards where your yacht will be built after this pre-order process.

We also help our clients find appropriate local hotel accommodations near the shipyard. SeaBoater always assigns one employee in the local shipyard city to help our clients and we will assist you with anything you need during your shipyard visit.